About Us

She Silky is an online retail store that manufactures and sells bedding and sleepwear made from high-quality Mulberry silk. We’ve mastered the art of producing the finest bedding and sleepwear to promote comfortable and quality sleep.

We always put our customers’ needs first because our success depends on their satisfaction with our products and happiness. We use premium Mulberry Silk to manufacture high quality silk products made using skin-friendly ingredients.

The top quality silk we use to process our products is known as the “Queen of Fibers.” At She Silky, we’re dedicated to producing and selling high quality products made to perfection to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Based on our brand motto “Designed to last,” we produce bedding and sleepwear that support prolonged use. A team made up of Master Silk weavers is in charge of our Bedding Production Division. The team boasts over four decades of experience in the production of silk sheets.

On the other hand, our Master Tailors are responsible for all the activities that take place in our Sleepwear Production Division. With over three decades of experience working with premium silk, it produces consistent quality in all our sleepwear products.

Our tailors hand-sew and craft our silk products for a personalized and unique touch. Hand-sewing makes it easy to customize our products to the unique needs of our customers.

We also have an in-house team of Quality Assurance (QA) experts with extensive experience in what they do. The experts inspect all our products for safety and quality. This ascertains that all our products meet industry standards.

Why Us?

We only use ethical silk

At She Silky, we only use Mulberry Silk, an ethically-sourced form of silk to manufacture our products. Traditionally, silk worms are boiled to remove them from their silky cocoons. This makes the entire process unethical.

We use a kinder and more ethical alternative to process our silk. We wait for silkworms to grow and emerge as moths from their cocoons, making the process naturally. Our team then collects the cocoon for processing to produce our proprietary weave that’s processed into ethical Mulberry Silk.

We expedite our shipments

Our handling period takes about 1 to 3 days before products or orders leave our warehouse for shipping. We notify our customers when to expect to receive their shipments.

We also own large warehouses across the world, ensuring that orders reach customers quickly. 

Pillow cases, apparel and sleepwear take about 1 to 2 weeks on average to reach our customers. However, international deliveries may take longer. Giveaways and custom orders may take up to 3 weeks.