Mulberry Silk Mask

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Why Choose Silk? - Nature's Arsenal for Skincare  

It's nature’s beauty secret revealed. Silk is the doorway to flawless and beautiful skin. Produced from one of nature's most indefatigable workers - the silkworm, it is soothing and luxurious. Its 18 amino acid composition gives it special hydrating properties to keep your skin properly moisturized and supple. 

It also regulates the temperature so that you can cope better in extremes like summer or winter. Now you can comfortably indulge in all your favorite activities - camping, walking, fishing, vacation, beach wear, and more -  while enjoying full skin protection and beauty.

Effective against Acne and Skin-Friendly

With Blushy Mulberry Silk, acne and breakouts are effectively prevented. You also get better skin protection than with regular single-use cotton masks. The combination of perspiration and ordinary fabrics is usually the cause of breakouts.  Mulberry silk masks act differently by preventing clogging of pores and hence giving your superior protective value. 

Exquisite Craftsmanship 

Each silk mask is masterfully designed with adjustable ear straps to give you a snug comfortable fit. It also features a nose wire that can be adjusted to fit you better. It has insertable filters to offer more protection. It is also uniquely designed with a 3D chin shape and a snug fit. 

Multiple Layers for Enhanced Protection

The silk mask is designed with two or three silk layers. Unlike single layers, this offers a superior barrier against penetration of droplets. It also has a filter pocket design, 

Ideal for anyone with Sensitive or Allergic Skin 

It is odorless and 100 percent hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all people, no matter your skin type. The breathable silk minimizes irritation by reducing moisture and heat. It's also beneficial to people with winter skin. The silk fabric incorporates some special proteins that act to combat allergic reactions. 

Superior Protective Capacity 

Silk tops the list of protective fabrics, easily beating other available options like polyester, cotton, and others. Dermatologists have determined that silk masks are the perfect buttress against facial irritation. They are effective in filtering out finer particles in the nanoscale scale (<~100 nm)  including aerosol particles.  

An Enticing and Sleek Look 

This mask brings together comfort and style. Enjoy the essence of elegance and style. In the place of a drab-looking box-like mask, you can enjoy a more lustrous and luxurious-looking fabric. 

Derived from Pure Mulberry Silk 

It is wholly created from Mulberry Silk with 100% purity. We choose the highest quality silk that conforms to 6A Grade focusing on the most lengthy silk fibers. This is a wholly natural material that perfectly fits your skin.

Discover the Bliss of Pure Mulberry Silk

  • Hydrating - naturally moisturizing  
  • Anti-Wrinkle - promotes anti-aging and keeps off redness, swelling, or  irritation
  • UV Protection -  veils you against direct sun and dust. It acts as a sunscreen with anti UV properties to block harmful radiation.
  • Anti-bacterial: bacteria and microbes have little chance of survival on the fabric.
  • Hypoallergenic: it provides wide spectrum protection against foreign particles like mold, mildew, dust, or dust mites.
  • Product Includes: 1 x  Mulberry Silk Mask